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Monday, August 20, 2012

Utah Trip Numero Dos

I didn't want to bombard one post with a million pictures so I figured I would break it into parts to spread the love. This post apparently is all about our visit with Daniel's lovely family (Bryan's brother). I took a lot of pictures here for Papa and Grandma Jones and because I know it's going to be a really long time before Max is able to see his cousins again. Max does very poorly with adults, but really well with other babies and kids so it was fun to see him interact with the twins, Hannah and Carter.
 Max and Hannah became pretty good buddies, hanging out together most of the visit.
 Carter, Max and Hannah
 Hannah spent a lot of time staring down Bryan or me and took the most convincing to get to smile at us. I found that I could win her over with my camera and snacks :)
 Max likes to push us over when we are sitting on the ground.
 Sarah (sis-in-law), Max and me :)
 Max loves being tossed in the air, but we usually do it in our small apartment, so we can never throw him very high. Bryan surely took advantage of the extra space to get him up pretty high.
 Our little thumb sucker.
 He was terrified of this bear when I tried putting him there to get a picture.
 The men: Bryan, Daniel and Ethan.
 Max kept finding and trying to drink out of Hannah and Carter's sippy cups, so they just gave him his own to use.
Bonding over chips and TV.

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