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Monday, August 20, 2012

Utah Trip Numero Uno

We had the wonderful opportunity to take a trip down to Utah for a week and thanks to our fabulous friends, Scott and Emily Fletcher, we were able to stay for free! Seriously, it was so great and relaxing being able to stay with our friends in their new house in West Jordan. My big brother was graduating from BYU with his masters in school psychology, so we made sure to plan our trip the same time my family would be there and though we didn't make it to the actual graduation ceremony (blame Max), we enjoyed being to able to see and spend time with my family. We made sure to spend lots of time at BYU, eat at our favorite places, and see some friends and family living in Utah. Though we had our doubts about Utah when we first moved there for school, it's where Bryan and I started our lives together and we just felt like we were home again.
Max was WONDERFUL for us on our 13 hour drive down. I was amazed! The only thing he had a trouble with was sleeping in the car; he would go to sleep just fine with our routine, but would twitch every five minutes or so and wake up screaming. Poor guy.
 My nephew Henry loves his cousin Max! It's too bad their not closer in age because Henry kept trying to get Max to play with him and follow him everywhere.
 Meeting my new niece Thea for the first time! She was bored with me before she even met me.
 Max and Abuela
 The clan: Abuela (hidden), Grandpa, Johann (brother), Deborah (sis-in-law), Thea (in stroller), Henry, and Bryan. I must have been holding Max...
 Cutie patooties.
 She loves me :)
 Max did well when I first held Thea, but eventually any time he saw me holding her he would cry and cry until I gave her up and help him instead.
 Bryan wanted a frozen yogurt facial.
 Aunt Debo and the kidsies.
 Borrowing cousin Thea's stroller for a nap.
 I miss hanging out with this kid

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