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Monday, August 20, 2012

Utah Trip Numero Tres

Third and final post of our trip so don't forget to read the previous two! (Though besides being in chronological order, you can read these pretty much in any order you feel like. Oh, and I know they're kind of long, so read them in short bursts if you need to).
 This is the first apartment we lived in, in Provo and as a married couple. Our is the tops middle. We lived here for 2 1/2 years before finally feeling cramped in a one bed/one bath apartment.
 Family picture! We never have pictures of the three of us together since one of us usually has to take the picture.
 Scott and Emily were kind enough to host a barbeque and invite Daniel's family to join us.
 I love how they are just all doing their own thing.
 I just wish Max was looking!
 Concentrating on his Yo Gabba Gabba CD.
 We had the lovely opportunity to visit the longtime family friend of the Jones Family: The Bassetts. Bryan and I grew really close to them when I was going to BYU before we got married. Every time Bryan came to visit me, he would stay with the Bassetts and they became our second family. Above is their newest addition, Sophia, whom we were able to meet for the first time.
 Kate, Sophia, and Dallin. I don't know what Max was doing.
 By the end of our visit, Max finally let Kate hold him, as long as he was distracted with the truck anyway.
 Somehow, we managed not to get any pictures with our fantastic hosts, Scott and Emily, but I did get some pictures with their beautiful cat, Maddie. Maddie is just a kitten, so she hasn't yet learned to hate people and was just so sweet with Max the entire time. Max loved her to death and despite him slapping her face, pulling her tail and sitting on her all the time (all unintentional mind you), Maddie never scratched or bit him and just tolerated Max like a champ! I was very grateful for her sweetness and patience with Max.
 Max reading his book on the drive back to Spokane.
We stopped at the Cracker Barrel in Missoula, MT for a nice break from the car and they had these awesome high chairs that I totally wanted to steal.

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Britt O. said...

Awww college park! good times : ) Glad you had a fun Utah vacation!