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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Kid's Speech

Ok. I think it's finally about time I talked about Max's speech delay. I know I've mentioned it and hinted at it before, but I've never took the time to actually write about it. I had been concerned about Max's speech development since he was 9 months old, when he was still cooing and not yet babbling. His pediatrician referred us to a speech clinic called Youthful Horizons here in Spokane. Max has been going 1-2 times a week for speech therapy since he was 13 months old. It's AMAZING to see how much he has progressed and lately he's closer than ever to where he needs to be, speech-wise. Max has been through three speech therapists, and each one way better than the last. We absolutely LOVE his current therapist, Shana. She has just been perfect for Max in every way and she was the only one that Max himself didn't seem to have reservations about. It makes me really sad that we're most likely moving in August and won't be able to see Shana anymore!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders, which is Speech Pathology and Audiology. I know now that I was guided by my Heavenly Father when I decided to switch my major (for maybe the 3rd time) to Communication Disorders. The knowledge and experience I gained from BYU and from my major has been a tremendous contributor to my every day dealings with Max. As Max has only been attending speech therapy once a week for maybe the past year, he has relied solely on me (and Bryan, of course) to help him on his journey to communicate better. I have also been lucky enough to attend every single one of Max's speech sessions and recently, I had the opportunity to attend an 8-session course for parents of kids with speech delays called It Takes Two to Talk.

So...I started a blog! Another one, that is. There are so many people out there who have kids with speech delays, but do not have the access to the resources that I am able to have. Also, insurance is so selective when it comes to paying for speech therapy, mostly deeming it "not medically necessary". I have felt strongly lately about starting this blog so I can reach out to other parents and caregivers of kids with speech delays who are struggling like me! Help me spread the word by sharing my blog, facebook page, and twitter account, so I can get the word out to my target audience! Thanks for listening! Click on the links below to find me:

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1 comment:

Simonds Family said...

I don't know if I mentioned earlier but I'm impressed by the title-very clever! And way to go Max and mom!