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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Graduation 2014

My husband, Bryan Jones, is a law school graduate!!! Bryan graduated from the Gonzaga University School of Law on May 10th, 2014. I haven't written about it yet because most of the pictures are on my in-law's camera and I have yet to receive them. I couldn't wait any longer though, so I'll just share what I have. These last three years have been an incredible journey for our little family. We arrived in August 2011. Bryan started school only a week or so after we moved in. Max was born in September 2011 and a week after he was born, I was borderline postpartum depression for a few months, at least. I had the hardest time transitioning into motherhood. What I later would learn, more than 2 years later, was that Bryan was having an even harder time transitioning into being a law student. I learned that he considered dropping out and that, after the first semester, the dean of the school told him he wasn't cut out for law school. It makes me so sad that he had to endure this completely on his own. He didn't want to burden me any further than I already was with a new baby, so he didn't tell me about it. But after the dean said that to him, Bryan was determined to prove him wrong. Each semester, Bryan's GPA got higher and higher and he finished his last semester with the highest GPA he had ever received in law school. I am so incredibly proud of Bryan and all of his accomplishments. He is truly my inspiration.

He has worked so hard these last 3 years, yet he didn't let school get in the way of spending time with his family. He is an amazing father, whom Max adores so much. Every day, when Max hears the keys in the door, he runs over to greet his daddy with a huge smile on his face. Max and I are incredibly blessed to have a worthy priesthood holder in our home, who presides over and provides for his family. I hope every day, that I am doing all I can to let him know how much I love and appreciate everything he does for us.

Thank you, Bryan, for choosing me to be your wife, for telling me every day that you love me, for telling me how beautiful I am. Thank you for taking time every day to play with your son and for giving him kisses and looking at him adoringly, knowing that you are blessed to have him. Thank you for working the hardest you have ever worked to finish law school. And thank you, Mark and Barbara, for adopting and raising such an incredible man.
 There he is!! They had a whole bagpipe band playing while they walked in and out.
 Back row, on the far end.
 There he goes to get his diploma!
 Proud mama
She cried...
 The whole ceremony Max kept saying, "see dada?"
 I cried...
 Happy family.
 Proud dad. He cried...
 The hood, is what that long thing is called apparently. They're pretty cool.
 In front of the law building.
This was our first visit to the school and then 2.5 years later!
Pretty much the only place that says "School of Law" is in front of the law building.
 Same spot, beginning and end.
 Pregnant, yuck.
 Max always tries to push away from me when I take pictures like this with him.
Law school graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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