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Friday, November 21, 2014

Grampa, Abuela, and Last Days in Spokane

My parents came to visit us our last month in Spokane to see the town one more time and to help us move. Bryan was studying for the bar and then went to Seattle for a couple days to take the bar, so it was great having them around to help pack and clean and get things ready.
Cherry Picking
This had become a fun tradition (although it only lasted two years). It's never very hot in Spokane except, it seems, on the days we visit the farms! I think this was yet again the hottest day of the summer, but we had so much fun picking cherries again this year!

 We bought homemade popsicles and of course Max's mostly melted in his hands 
 I love this picture: my parents each doing their own work and Max just chilling with them, eating cherries.
Speech Therapy
Max  had his last speech therapy session EVER!! This is his most wonderful speech therapist, Shana. She felt that when we moved we wouldn't need to continue speech therapy because Max was at a place where he would continue to improve without weekly speech therapy. She was right! Max continues to progress every day and he's already so much further along than where he was a few months ago when we stopped speech therapy.

 Max had already stopped napping a few months previous, but my parents being here just seemed to exhaust him and he would fall asleep on us all the time.
Flying Goat
I already miss this place! Their pizzas were so deliciously yummy! In fact, we ate there twice while my parents were visiting, it's so good! While Max and I were waiting for everyone to finish up and pay the check, he took me for a walk and we ended up at this pretty cool park. The next time we ate there a couple weeks later, he remembered exactly where this park was and insisted on taking me there again.

 This is us going out to Bryan's graduation dinner from my parents finally. They purchased a Melting Pot groupon and we intended to go right after he graduated, but things didn't work out. So my parents watched Max and we were finally able to go two months later.
Manito Park

Spokane Indians baseball game
I can't believe we never went to more of these! It was so much fun. Plus, they have a kids zone (that I didn't discover until the 7th inning unfortunately), where they have a bounce house and a giant blow up slide. Max loved evey minute of it.

 Max drew a train! His first deliberate picture and I think he did a pretty good job.
 Max covers his face when he refuses to eat something. It's cute.
Riverfront Park
 We finally rode the Skyride that took us over the falls. It was fun, but Max was terrified the whole time. He was sitting by the window, clearly scared, and I kept asking him if he wanted to sit on my lap, but he kept insisting that he didn't.

Pioneer Day
The stake put on this awesome Pioneer Day activity where they had a bounce house and giant blow up slide (deja vu? Max knew exactly what to do with these!), breakfast and homemade scones. We had a great time and it was a great way to end our time in Spokane/Spokane Valley.

They had face painting and Max wanted a blue train on his forehead. He was so proud of it and kept wanting to look at the pictures of it.

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