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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bryan Had a Birthday!

My wonderful wonderful husband celebrated his 27th birthday on the 4th of this month!! I love this man so much, you don't even know. Bryan has started his second year of law school and so far everything is going really well. He has such a great schedule that allows him to be home with us a lot, which I love. Bryan is such a wonderful father to Max and knows just how to get him laughing and laughing all the time. He is also the best one at putting Max to bed for his naps. I just love seeing Max's reaction when Bryan comes home from school every day; he always gets the biggest smile on his face and rushes over to him. Max sure does love his daddy. Bryan is the best husband a girl could ask for. He always cleans up the kitchen and the dishes after dinner while I get Max ready for bed every night. He makes sure I don't go a day without getting a kiss. Even after a long day of school, he'll still take me out somewhere just about every day so Max and I can get some fresh air. He loves me to the bones and I love him. We were just going to have pizza for dinner, but Bryan's dad was kind enough to send us some money to go out to eat. Bryan chose this place called The Onion downtown, which was a very delicious burger joint.

Yes he did shoot Max with the Nerf gun...and continues to do so on a daily basis.

 Bryan's birthday stash: Lego Harry Potter year 5-7, Alien trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack, and a Nerf gun.

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