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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

12 Months

12 Month Stats
Weight: 21lbs 13oz - 25-50th percentile
Height: 30in - 50th percentile
Head: 46.5cm - 50-75 percentile 

I know I posted yesterday for Max's birthday, but I wanted to write about his actual birthday and his doctor's appointment. Max's percentile weight has dropped again. The doctor isn't too concerned, especially with him walking so much. She says it's pretty normal for those still breastfeeding, that he just needs a little more food and he should get back to normal once he's on whole milk full time. Max HATED the doctor's. He cried anytime someone came into the room, before they would even touch him, and eventually got to the point where he was getting shaky. It was the saddest thing in the world! All he wanted was to be nursed, but I couldn't even do that. At least the doctor got some smiles from him while she was just talking to us. The moment she touched him though, it was all over, again.

We're having a little birthday party for Max on Saturday so I'll probably be posting again about it. Hopefully, you don't mind :). Max had a great day yesterday. We let him open a few of his gifts, which was fun. I feel like most babies seem to like ripping off the paper more than the actual presents, but Max opened first a Yo Gabba Gabba board book and all he wanted to do was look through the book instead of opening the rest of the presents. He also got some toddler crayons and a big dump truck that has balls that pop up when you push it. He loved all of them, which makes me excited for him to open the rest of his gifts on Saturday. We Skyped with both sets of grandparents. We hook up the laptop to the TV so it's like they're in the room with us. Max somehow knows though that they are talking and interacting with us and it's not just a regular TV show. He kept getting really shy when my parents would talk to him. Also, we didn't get a chance to Skype with them, but his Uncle Johann, Aunt Deborah and cousins Henry and Thea sent him a super sweet video of them singing Happy Birthday to him. Since he will be having cake on Saturday, we wanted him to still have some kind of treat for his actual birthday, so we got him his very own ice cream cone from McDonalds. It was super cute because he kept getting the chills while eating it. Oh, for dinner he got a Happy Meal and orange juice all to himself (we don't usually give him juice). Our wonderful little boy chose the apple slices over the fries and chicken nuggets (though he ate some of those too). We love our Maxie so much and were happy to celebrate his special day, even though he probably had no idea what was going on.
 First thing in the morning before daddy left for school.
 Here's an example of Max's silliness. All day, whenever I would try and take a picture of him, he would smile, squint his eyes closed and throw his head back. What a weirdie.

 He's getting too big!

 I turned around to collect the hangers he threw around and when I turned back, he had hopped into the laundry basket. And again, the funny face.

 Finally a normal face from him.
 He is listening to Abuela's birthday voicemail. He loves listening to people on the phone, but refuses to talk back.

Last picture of his birthday. My sleeping sweetie-pie.

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Dan and Kristin said...

Yay happy birthday to max! I can't believe it's already been a year. I love all of his goofy faces in the pictures.