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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Very Merry Birthday to Max!

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Apparently age 1 year is when babies officially become toddlers. Sad day! Max is such a joy to have in our lives. Every day I can't help but be amazed that this little boy is here with us and dependent on us to take care of him. Bryan and I have been so blessed with such a wonderful child who puts a huge smile on our faces every day. He is such a happy baby and is constantly smiling and laughing. Here's is a little about Max:
- He is walking full time now. He started walking about a month ago and it only took him a couple weeks to perfect it. He LOVES to walk and walk and walk. He does it more for recreation than for getting from one place to another. When we take him to the park, all he wants to do is swing and walk.
- He has 6 teeth and no sign of any more coming soon.
- He still has blue eyes! I've told Bryan over and over that I'll be more confident in Max's eye color when he turns one and here he is, 1-year-old and he still has blue eyes. (I had blue eyes until I was a year old and now they are hazel and Bryan had blue-ish eyes until he was 3-5 months old and now they are green). If Max's eyes stay blue, I guess they must come from my dad.
- He loves ANY kind of fruit and will choose it over chicken nuggets, fries, cheese, anything!
- Max is figuring out what it is that makes us laugh. He purposefully tries finding things to do that will make us laugh and he finds it, he will do it again and again, just busting up laughing himself. Once he knocked his head on the sliding glass door, on purpose, and just waited for me to laugh. I laughed and asked him what he was doing, so he just kept bumping his head on the door over and over laughing when I laughed. (I put a pillow there so he wouldn't hurt himself).
- He is so smart. We just have to show him how to do something once and he'll pick it up. For example, he was playing with my brush and I showed him how to brush his hair and then Bryan's and he just continued brushing Bryan's hair with it.
- He says "MAMA" now!!! I don't think it means me yet, but I LOVE hearing it!
- He loves to give us hugs. He will go back and forth between Bryan and me just giving us hugs.
- He is really silly. He loves getting shot with the nerf gun and runs away laughing. He'll ask us for our food at dinner and when we put it up to his mouth he just smiles instead of eats it.

I love watching Max enter each new developmental stage. He is such a sweet boy and we know that he loves us and we love him more than he'll ever know. 

1 comment:

Chris & Emma said...

Yay! Happy birthday max!

I don't consider my kids toddlers until they are 2 haha Lincoln was my baby for a long time! Lol