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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Very Cali Christmas - 3

Boy, what a Christmas we had! It's really something special to be able to spend the holiday with both of our families, instead of having to choose one or the other. Bryan and I are so blessed to have been from the same city. Since Bryan's family does Christmas so early (7:00am was always their wake-up time on Christmas day - not so hard now that I have a baby), we spent the morning opening presents at the Jones house. Max was their only grandchild this year and boy was he spoiled!
 A rare moment: Max smiling for the camera. So cute!
 He got tons are "Cars" stuff, which he loves.
 Bath time and a quick rearranging of the furniture before heading over to the Simonds household.

And on to the Simonds'. All four of the grandchildren were able to be here for Christmas. Such a blessing! The only person missing this year was my brother, Derek. It was so sad to spend Christmas without him this year! We Skyped with him while opening all the gifts he sent for the kids.
 Cousin Henry. Henry definitely had his ups and downs with Max. He would always start out in love with him and wanting to play, then Max would do something baby-ish and Henry would start telling him he was naughty and that he was getting coal next year. He just didn't quite grasp the concept that Max was too young for most things. I can't wait till Max is old enough for them to really play together.
 Max started complaining and I looked over to find him in this stool thing. I pulled him out and turned it over so he could sit on it properly, then he immediately turned it back upside down and tried getting back in it this way.
 Pulled some presents out of this box and instantly hopped in.
 At my house we try and take turns opening gifts, but there were so many of us this year, that it got quite difficult. I looked over and Max had started opening one of his gifts all by himself. It was the cutest thing to see!
 My sister-in-law, Deborah, found this necklace on etsy where you can get a date inscribed on a letter, so we all pitched in and got my mom this necklace with the first letter of her grandchildren's names (Henry, Max, Dorothea, and Apollo) and their birth dates inscribed on them.
 Brother, Johann, sister-in-law, Deborah and niece, Thea.
 My dad got Bryan's book, Immune! (My dad recently had cataract surgery and had to wears these sunglasses for a bit).
 Henry told us he knew what that present was because he could tell by the way it felt when it was wrapped.
 My dad burned me all of the Beatles CDs!!!!!
 Deborah, Thea and me :). I love my little niece!
 Brothers, Johann and Kaleb, sister-in-law, Kailee, and baby Apollo. Both Thea and Apollo are such pleasant babies! Thea was always so quiet when she was over and wouldn't even care if she was left sitting in a room by herself (which didn't happen much, just saying). Apollo only ever cried when he was hungry and he has such a soft, sweet cry. He was always happy just chillin like a villain.
 Kailee, Apollo and me :)
It took a long time to get Max to actually stand on the scooter properly. We would put one foot on and he would take the other off.
 Max always waited patiently at the edge of the deck for someone to help him down. Eventually he got brave enough and coordinated enough that he could get down himself.
 My Aunt Anne. Max started crying shortly after this picture.
                                                                                              Max would start yelling every time Kaleb
                                                                                              would stop spinning the chair.

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