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Monday, January 14, 2013

California 1 of ...

I've been putting off this blog post for a while now, knowing it's going to be a daunting task. We did LOTS of activities and I have TONS of pictures from our three week Christmas vacation in California. Well, here goes nothing...

Flying Home
It's crazy to think that California is mine and Bryan's home, but not Max's. Max was born in Spokane Valley and has only ever lived in Spokane Valley. Maybe one day he can call California home, but not for another year and a half at least. I had so many new toys and activities for Max for the long flight, but didn't need hardly any of it, just used them because I had them (he got lots of practice opening presents since I wrapped everything). He was the most amazing traveler! He took his first nap at home, but would not fall asleep on the plane for his second nap. He was up for 8 hours before he fell asleep in car (he's usually only awake for 3 hours between naps and bedtime). I was really quite surprised at how quickly he got used to everyone, especially all his grandparents. Max hates it when people he doesn't know talk to him and give him attention, but it only took him not even a day to get over it. I think he just gave up on being shy because he was constantly bombarded by tons of people. He is very loved!
 That's our first plane (luckily we only had one-stop and 2 planes total this time).
 No snow before we left.
 Not the best window seat, but Max managed to still look out of it until he couldn't see anything anymore.
 Max was pretty in love with this Lightning McQueen car that Grandma and Papa Jones got him.
*He is absolutely obsessed with Mater's Tall Tales (from Cars).
 Dinner at Sevilla Spanish restaurant with Papa and Grandma Jones (they ran out of kids meals so the only thing on the menu that Max would eat was bread).
 Playing with Abuela. She won him over pretty quickly by giving him some cars to play with (his favorite).
 Chase is still in love with Bryan.
 And Max was certainly in love with Chase (though it was not reciprocated! Poor cat).
 Papa Jones. Max got acclimated to him pretty quickly too.
 Trip to the Galleria mall, which has changed soooo much since we've lived here!
 They even have a train that drives around!
 Max loves playing the piano.
 And he loved Kilika! Every time we walked into my parent's house (Grandpa and Abuela's), he would walk straight to the dog before anything else!
 One of his favorite activities was walking up and down my parent's driveway. Anytime we were outside, that's where he would go. And look! I had to put him in shorts a couple of times!

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