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Thursday, January 17, 2013

California Number 2

San Diego Zoo
Our first big activity was the San Diego Zoo. I was really excited to go here since we always, always only ever go to the San Diego Safari Park. It was a nice change.
 We let Max touch the electrical fence that keeps the dangerous camels in.
 I am so mad this is blurry! It would have been one super cute picture.
 I'm pretty sure Max swallowed this worm whole. Not even joking.
 Max's new buddy.
 Max absolutely loved the Skyway. This is the only picture he would let us get (at the beginning of the ride) because he was too distracted looking out the side. After we got off, he immediately turned around and kept signing "more".
 This hyena was the only animal that really seemed to catch Max's interest (he was having too much fun walking around - his favorite activity - to pay attention to the animals). When the hyena disappeared behind a rock, Max kept signing "more". We were on a bus tour, so this is the best picture I could get before we were gone. Bummer.

Various Around the House Activities
 Max being the silly boy that he is.
 He loved this hole in the patio and kept walking, crawling and sitting in it, hence the dirty bum.
 Getting ready for the annual Jones Christmas Eve party.
He loves the camera too much.

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