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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Interlude: Sledding

We took Max sledding yesterday for the first time and he had such a good time! As soon as he finished his first ride with Bryan, he signed for "more". There is a perfect, giant hill not far from us that's set up for sledding, with hay bales in front of the trees and everything. We did the huge hill a couple times then went over to a smaller hill so we could walk up with Max more easily. Almost every time we got to the bottom of the hill and put Max down, he would immediately turn around and walk backwards to whomever had him that run and sit on our lap so we could go again. It took him a bit to get the concept of walking back up the hill first. Silly boy.
 Bryan doing a test run.
Max's first run!
(A guy there let us borrow his sled because he didn't think our saucers were safe enough for Max. Nice guy!)
 I asked Bryan to take a picture of Max and I going down, and this is all he got...
He tried getting on himself and fell flat on his back. Anytime he falls in the snow, he just waits for us to come pick him back up.
 I took this while sliding down next to them.
 We sent Max down by himself and he absolutely loved it!!
 Another run by himself.
 This is how he landed at the end of the run.

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Simonds Family said...

haha! How cute! Looks like he had a great time =)