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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cali Vacay 4: End of 2012

Just Hanging Out
                                                                                     Devouring a candy bar.
                    Chatting it up on the phone.                       Sitting on Grandma Jones' chair.
 Max loved this gift to my mom from my brother and his wife so much, that he ended up shattering it. I felt so so so so bad!!!!!!!!!
 Uncle Derek got this for Max, but instead of pulling it around himself, he insisted on someone else chasing him with it.
 Admiring Abuela's necklace.
     Max finally learned to fall asleep in               A day at the park with Grandpa and Abuela
   the car on this trip!                                        Simonds while Bryan works on moving and
                                                                          cleaning his parent's house.

 San Diego Wild Animal Park...I mean, San Diego Safari Park
That's still taking getting some used to! I guess I didn't take very many pictures. I started raining shortly after we got there and didn't stop. Max still had a great time, but he's still too young to really care about the actual animals. Though he does like to feed the ducks.
 Max wasn't really a fan of the carousel.

We Like to Hang
 On top of Papa and Grandma Jones' bed.         Max's car seat did a lot of transferring from one                                                                              car to another, so he thought he'd make
                                                                            use of it.
  Meeting Brydan, the dog Bryan's parents got to replace Bryan and his brother, Daniel, while they were both on their missions.

Sea World, San Diego
 This trip included lots of visits to San Diego. We spent New Year's Eve at Sea World with Papa and Grandma Jones. I hadn't been there since I was a little kid! I was so excited to go! Luckily, it wasn't crowded at all.
 Grandma Jones and Max.
 We went through the shark tunnel, but all Max cared about was riding the moving walkway.
 Bryan and Papa Jones held Max up on the penguin moving walkway so he could see.
 Can you spot the beluga whale? I think they may be my new favorite animal. They are seriously the whitest creatures I have ever seen!
 The polar bear was sleeping.
 It was just two beluga whales for a while, then they opened a door and released three young ones. It looked like a baby (hidden in the shadows) and two kids. Soooo cute! The kids had a blast swimming around while the baby stayed in the shadow behind the mama and dada whales.
 I though Max looked hilarious walking around stark naked with socks on.
Last picture of 2012!!

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