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Monday, January 7, 2013

Snow Day!!

We get back to Washington and find that snow is pretty much permanently on the ground until spring. It snowed all last night too so we decided to take Max out on his first real snow adventure. He LOVED it! Though every time he fell over (which was often) he would wait until we came to pick him up. He loves being outside so much, it doesn't matter the weather. He was so mad when we brought him back in after being out for about 40 minutes.
 We literally had to drag him back inside, he loved it so much.


Dan and Kristin said...

ahh I can't believe how big he's getting! And lucky you that he loves snow!! Hope you guys can stay warm and dry until spring comes!

Janell said...

Aw, fun! We haven't had any snow. :(

The Ranson Family said...

Wow! The twins couldn't stay outside for longer than 15 Minutes. Max is growing so fast! Love all the pictures!